J-1-18 Rare Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo barrel canteen.

Santo Domingo Pueblo is one of the Indian pueblos situated on the Rio Grande River in north central New Mexico, just south of Santa Fe. They traditionally spoke the Keresan language and are the largest of all the New Mexico pueblos. They are particularly famous for their black on cream pottery with bold patterns in geometric motifs. Of all the shapes of pottery items made at Santo Domingo, the canteen is the least common of all with very few of these being made. When they were made, they most often appear in a jug form with small lug handles.

This rare example is done in the shape of a barrel or keg. Only a few of these are known to exist and were most likely the work of one potter (two such canteens were once in the famous canteen collection of the late Robert Whiteside of Phoenix). Like the Whiteside examples, this is done not in the typical Santo Domingo black on cream but in the less common black on red color combination.

The pierced lug handles, as well as the designs, are typical of Santo Domingo canteens.

This rare example would make a significant addition to any canteen collection. 7"long by 6 1/2"h. Circa 1910. $1,500.00