imageMaria Martinez Pottery

I-M-122 San Ildefonso Maria Jar.

San Ildefonso Pueblo is one of the Tewa speaking pueblos belonging to the Kiowa-Tanoan linguistic family. This pueblo is located on the Rio Grande River in north central New Mexico and is closely related to it’s neighbors: Tesuque, San Juan, Santa Clara, Nambe and Pojoaque pueblos. During the late 19th century San Ildefonso produced the largest number of pottery types of all the Tewa pueblos but because of its isolation, pottery production nearly disappeared. It was during the late 1890s that San Ildefonso polychrome pottery began to emerge as the dominant pottery type and by 1905 figures of animals and especially birds became common. By 1910 the black on red style had become well established. And by 1915 Maria Martinez had begun to dominate the pottery market with her famous black on black wares.

This example is by Maria and her husband Julian Martinez. It is signed: “Marie & Julian” and most likely dates about 1935. (Julian passed away in 1943; his famous wife frequently signed her name “Marie” as well as “Maria”). This large jar has a nice gun-metal finish and a wide band of geometric design.

It measures 9 inches in diameter and 6 1/2 inches h. A beautiful example. $6,750.00