Yavapai TrayI-0-489

I-0-489 Hopi polychrome cylinder vase.

The cylindrical shape of this pot is indicative of the Hopi work although this piece is an especially large one. This is an example of a Sityatki polychrome revival pot that is a type of pottery developed by the famous Hopi potter named Nampeyo. She revived this ancient Hopi pottery type in the late 19th century. By 1900 most of the pottery made at Hopi were done in the Sityatki revival style. The various design panels on this pot represent a mixture of rain motifs including clouds and “rain birds” which are the abstract scroll designs.

This is a large and finely done pot dating to circa 1930. 14 ½”h. by 9” at its greatest diameter. $3,200.00