Yavapai TrayJ-1-11

G-1-76 Zia bird canteen. 

The people of Zia Pueblo in New Mexico traditionally spoke the Keres language and continue to dwell in their traditional village of Zia which is located about 30 miles northwest of Albuquerque on the Jemez River. Zia Pueblo is also referred to as one of the Puname Pueblos which were all closely related by language and include Santa Ana, Acoma and Laguna. Zia produced a distinctive type of pottery using a brown clay with a temper of ground black basalt crystals. This wonderful canteen has a most unusual form resembling a small jug. It is decorated with the classic Zia bird design and arcs of floral motifs. This canteen was made by Geronima Medina (1892-1972) during the 1930's time frame and was one of a pair made by her but the pair has been separated.

This canteen measures 7 ½" from handle to handle and is 6 1/2"high. Circa 1930, $1,850.00