Yavapai Tray

J-1-27 Sioux child’s moccasins.

The Sioux belong to the Siouan-Catawba linguistic family and are divided into a number of tribal groups referred to as Dakotan. The Sioux proper were a large tribe living in much of what is known as the northern Great Plains including the heartland of their territory of both the states of North and South Dakota. With their introduction to the horse, the Sioux developed a vibrant plains culture in a very short period of time making them one of the most dynamic North American Indian tribes.

Their rich material culture produced many types of quilled and beaded objects and they delighted in making elaborately beaded and quilled items for their children of which these moccasins are a good example. They are sinew sewn, full beading with an unusual crystal bead background. The colors are in delicate shades of blue and pink.

This pair measures approx. 6"long. Circa 1890. $795.00