Zuni Pin

E-1-74 Zuni cluster pin.

The people of Zuni Pueblo speak what is known as a language isolate which means that it has no relationship to any other native language and is simply called Zuni. Their pueblo can be found in west central New Mexico about 30 miles from ther town of Gallup. After the introduction of silver smithing in the southwest by the Spanish, both the Navajo and Pueblo peoples began making silver jewelry. The Zuni became particularly known for two types of jewelry: inlay and stone clusters. This pin is the second type where small turquoise stones are set into silver in specific patterns called cluster work. This example is unusual in that it is a double pattern and has a significantly large cutout background. A nice old example with natural stones most likely made for native use.

3 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. Circa 1940. $450.00