Yavapai Tray

I-M-229 Quinault bowl.

The Quinault are coastal Salish speaking peoples from the western Pacific coast of Washington State. These people live on three river systems named for their tribal divisions: Copalis, Quinault and Queets. Their basketry has changed greatly through the years becoming more like the wrapped twined baskets of the Makah and Nootka further to the north being elaborately designed with figures of birds, whales and canoes. The earlier type of twined basket produced by the Quinault is quite different in both technique and appearance. This type belongs to the category of overlay twining in which the basket is made of plain twining and the designs are executed in a non-twist overlay technique.

Both the shape and design concepts are more closely related to their Twana neighbors to the south and to the east of the Quinault but the basic materials used are of their own inclination being split spruce root. Spruce root (Picea) is used for both the warp and weft with the overlay being done in bear grass (Xerophyllum).

7 1/4"d. by 4 3/4"h. Circa 1900. $495.00