Yavapai Tray

8-0-l80  Achumawi bowl. 

The Achumawi (also known as the Pit River Indians) are a small tribal group located in northeastern California primarily on the Pit River drainage system.  The river was so named by early settlers because of pit traps dug near the river’s banks by these Indians to trap deer although these pits posed a hazard for unsuspecting settlers as well.  This large example of Achumawi basketry has a version of the “deer gut” design in a particularly elaborate style.  The basket is twined in construction using hazel (Corylus) rods for the warps and pine (Pinus) root for the wefts.  The design field is woven in a full twist overlay using bear grass (Xerophyllum) for the tan material and maidenhair fern (Adiatum) stem for the designs.  The rim has a willow (Salix) reinforcement rod that has been sewn on using split red bud (Cercis) with the outer bark left on. 

This is a large and impressive basket with an unusually elaborate design.  14” d. by 9” h. Circa l900   $6,500.00