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In a limited edition of 1,500 copies, this beautifully photographed book establishes a systematic approach to the tribal identification of Native American basketry, focusing on the period 1890 to 1930.

Book by John Kania

Published 2014 by Marquand Books Hardcover format 11 1/4 inches by 9 inches
310 pp. 150 color photographs
21 maps $125.00 per copy post paid
TO ORDER PLEASE VISIT www.coiledandtwined.com

About Kania-Ferrin Gallery

Established in 1981 on picturesque Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kania-Ferrin Gallery has now gone private with business primarily conducted via mail, email and of course by appointment to established clients and to new collectors.

The gallery specializes in American Indian basketry offering examples from the 19th century to 1940. With baskets ranging from the rare to the very affordable, we offer pieces for museums, interior designers and the advanced as well as the beginning collector. In addition, the gallery offers a fine vintage selection of Indian pottery, Navajo textiles, and Indian silver items as well as some Indian beadwork and parfleche material.

Enjoy browsing our web site and check with us regularly as the offerings change frequently.

Featured by Kania-Ferrin Gallery:

Following is a more complete listing of the items carried by Kania-Ferrin Gallery:

OLD INDIAN BASKETS of various types are available such as bowls, trays, ollas, winnowing trays, burden baskets, feast bowls, miniature baskets and the occasional basketry water bottle or “tus”.

ANTIQUE INDIAN BASKETS that we offer are almost exclusively from the region west of the Mississippi although we do occasionally have a southeastern basket available.

NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS rank among some of the finest baskets produced by traditional peoples the world over. We strive to obtain quality examples for the gallery.

INDIAN BASKETS as a body of work generally do not suffer the infusion of fakes that not infrequently pose a problem in the areas of, for example, kachina dolls or beadwork. However, many baskets offered on internet auction sites are misrepresented as being of North American Indian origin.

SOUTHWEST INDIAN BASKETS offered by the gallery include those woven by the Apache, Pima, Navajo, Yavapai, Hopi, Jicarilla, Mescalero as well as other tribal groups.

CALIFORNIA INDIAN BASKETS and NEVADA INDIAN BASKETS were produced by a greater number of tribes than in the Southwest since the ecology in the CALIFORNIA-NEVADA REGION could support a larger native population. Baskets from these regions offered in the gallery include examples from such tribes as the Hupa, Yurok, Karok, Modoc, Pitt River, Pomo, Maidu, Miwok, Yokuts, Washoe, Paiute, Mono, Panamint, Tubatulabal, Chemehuevi, Cahuilla as well as Mission Indian baskets.

NORTHWEST INDIAN BASKETS and ALASKA BASKETS offered include examples from the Eskimo now known as Inuit and from the Tlingit, Nootka, Makah, Klickitat, Snohomish, Nisqually and other Salish groups.

PUEBLO POTTERY from the Southwest is always on offer in the gallery including examples from the following Pueblos: Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, Cochiti, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Tesuque, Santo Domingo, Zia and Zuni.

INDIAN POTTERY. In addition to Puebloan pieces, the gallery offers Maricopa, T’ohono O’odam (formerly known as Papago) and Mohave examples.

NAVAJO WEAVINGS are always on offer as well. We tend to focus on those pieces woven before 1950, Saddle blankets, samplers, throws and Navajo Germantown weavings provide interesting additions to our larger selection of rugs.

NAVAJO RUGS. The gallery offers a fine selection of Navajo rugs, again with a focus on those items woven before 1950.

PLAINS INDIAN MATERIAL. While items in this category are not as extensive as our other offerings, we do carry examples of beadwork including moccasins and also have some parfleche material as well as other items.